Through research and development McDonald's learned to not totally push American foods on other cultures. What went from a Double Cheeseburger became a rice burger in Asian chains. The drive thrus in China at first were being misused and patrons would drive through and then sit down and eat inside. At one point and time there were several signs alongside the drive thru to show the Chinese how to use it properly. Things like this we assume are easy to understand because we grew up with it but it’s a “foreign” idea in other countries.


The Asian menu items are like the ones in the US but with Asian style.  Imagine if your favorite Chinese Restaurant tried to make McDonald's food, that's what the items are like in Asia. In most Asian cultures, rice essentially comes with everything you eat and at McDonald's that's different. You can still get rice but its just not a major menu item. Some of the concoctions in Asia McDonald's are very interesting like their bacon and potato pie. Also there are some items like the McSpaghetti which failed in the US but are popular in Asia. 

The McHotDog is one of the most interesting items on the menu at McDonald's in Asia. It comes on a garlic spiced bun and can be topped with ketchup or mustard. The kicker is this item is only served during breakfast in most locations.

The pies sold at McDonald's in the United States are commonly Cherry or Applie pie and maybe Pumpkin if it's Halloween.  In Japan there are many pie flavors the most popular being the bacon and potato pie. In Taiwan there are Mango/Pineapple pies. If you ever go to an Asian McDonald's be sure to try one of their unique flavors.

Shrimp Burger aka Filet-o-Shrimp is a fried shrimp patty with lettuce and secret sauce. It has the same breading as the Filet-o-fish but is filled with shrimp. The sauce is the same as what comes on a Big Mac (Thousand Island Dressing). The item is about five years old and can only be found in Japan.

Last but not least the weirdest item you will come across at a McDonald's; Seaweed Shaker fries. You get your fries and a container to season them and shake them in. The seasoning is dried nori (seaweed),salt, and a few other ingredients. It comes in a container the size of a ketchup packet and is very strong if not evenly distributed. The taste is salty, and "earthy" its sold in all Asian McDonald's but mainly in Thailand. The item typically isn't available year round but when it is, it usually sells out.

You would expect to see the McSpaghetti in Italy but this item is actually from the Philippines, The spaghetti is topped with a sweet tomato and sauce and there is an option to add a side of fried chicken! This item was internationally available for some item but now can only be found scattered across Asia.

The McRice burgers were one of the biggest failures in Asia and at one point they were given away with a purchase of at least $1 dollar. The McRice Burgers have either Chicken or beef patties with spicy garlic mayonnaise, radish, and lettuce topped with rice patties. The McRice is still available but is by no means popular or tasty.

The Samurai Pork Burger is available in Thailand and China under different names like the Shogun burger. The sandwich is pork instead of beef dipped in teriyaki sauce with mayonnaise and lettuce. The Pork Burger is a popular item and can be compared to the McChicken  in the US.

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