An interesting point Cowen makes supporting his view is how American films are distributed around the world and many believe they dominate because of their monopolistic power. Although Cowen points out European Theaters choose American films to show, and European viewers choose to see American films. American films pack European theaters which would normally be half full. You may not fully realize that all eyes are on America and we have so much influence. “Cross-cultural exchange brings a change that is neither definitely improvement nor definitely a cost.”

While most European McDonald's serve a lot of the same things we have they have many different specialties items that vary by country. One thing that is prevalent in a few countries in Europe is the use of pork instead of beef on the sandwiches. Also instead of eating their burgers on sesame seed buns you'll find a good number of the items have a rye bread option. Last but not least the breakfast items are the least like the American locations, they are the most location sensitive of the menus. Overall, the menus in Europe and the US are similar except for some of the interesting items below:

Wiener Frühstück meaning Viennese Breakfast is a staple breakfast choice for Austrians. It comes with a coffee, two choices of bread/pastries,and butter/jam

The McSpicy is surprisingly not from Spain or Portugal its from Denmark! Denmark has recently had a higher demand for chicken products. Chicken Salsa Cheese is another variation name for the sandwich. On the McSpicy is salsa, cheddar cheese, and lettuce.

Beef a la Russ simply is a beef sandwich tailormade by and for Russians. The sandwich is similar to a quarter pounder/Big N' Tasty except it is served on rye bread and has bacon on it.


The McCountry is a popular pork sandwich in Eastern Europe. It's basically a double cheese burger with toppings but instead of beef patties they are pork. In Slovakia and Czech Republic about half of the meat consumed is pork.

Originating in Germany the "Nuremburger " is a sandwich consisting of three sausages, fried onions, and mustard sauce. Germany's love for sausages has made this menu item very popular in Europe and can be purchased outside of Germany in most cases.

 Porridge was originally added to the UK's menu, this menu item has spread across Europe. The porridge is served with Jam and is very popular item in the UK.

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