Cowen’s book observably won’t be liked by all, most times in debates people will end up not changing their viewpoints but yet will find more negative traits about the opposing viewpoint. Obviously there are positive impacts of globalization such as companies becoming international which stimulates the economy in the host nation and leads to economic growth. If a European company decides to invest and start a branch of business in the recently “tsunami-struck” in Japan then that obviously will help Japan and help the European company because they are spreading their business. Cowen also recognizes some of the cons of globalization like “the countries that get left behind” in technology, culture loss, and “dumbing down” of a culture.  Cowen approaches both the pros and cons with a positive outlook and believes we hold onto and identify with our national culture but are approached with globalized components in our everyday lives.


Instead of trying to Westernize different areas of the world, McDonald's utlizing a blending of their successful business practices and style in combination with local food to give customer's the best of both worlds. People in other countries can still get the American classics but McDonald's has taken a different approach by giving the people the food they like, fast, reasonably priced, and with a smile. That is what has made McDonald's a household name in almost every country of the world.

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